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What Public Officials & Citizens Must Know About Covid-19 and Street Sweeping

by Frank Lane, Health and Environmental Writer and Executive Director of Clean Oceans Land Air Now (COLA)

In the current Covid-19 epidemic, street sweeping is paramount for removing pollutants that weaken our immune system. Street sweeping is more important than ever to keep us healthy. This report features a brief history of sweeping and its contribution against Covid-19.

When you pull back the curtain on Street Sweeping, you see a most vital and essential service that removes harmful elements, diseases, and hazards from our streets.

Many scientific studies shows that Pollution is harmful to and impedes the Immune System, so in light of Covid-19, Street Sweeping is vital. According to the European Health Alliance; There is "A strong correlation between air pollution and COVID-19, that could explain the negative impact on the immune system.


RF Dickson Street Sweeping Company has been on the forefront of this battle for 70 years and uses teamwork with their extended family of city personnel, city managers, public works directors, mayors, and most importantly the citizens, all with the same goal for a healthy community. All these parties are seen as part of a community family with a shared goal of meticulously clean streets for healthy air, land, and water.

The Problem: Polluted Streets

Our streets are receptacles and rivers of pollution and carry the most concentrated load of transportation chemicals, petrol exhaust, brake, and tire dust. Then add water-run-off pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, weed killers, paints, oils, grease, animal waste, batteries, decaying leaves, construction site debris and you will find a toxic cocktail running through our streets that can make us sick.

Our streets can become toxic rivers. Street Sweeping take these contaminants from our environment before they can get into our bodies, air, land, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Street Sweeping is vital to everyone's health and known by environmentalist and health experts as one of the most effective and efficient methods of pollution control and environmental protection.

Street Sweeping is an integral part of a community's health.

The first line of defense is public education of what not to put in our streets, because our street curbs and gutters transport pollution through our environment. To help educate, a Free Public Service Announcement Video by Harvard Environmentalist, Dr. Shahir Masri with The Beach Boys Music was created to educate citizens, as what not to put into our streets, polluting our waters, air and weakening our immune systems.

The second line of defense is Street Sweeping. Each Street Sweeper picks up and disposes of an average of 8,000 lbs. of pollutants per day. Thus, removing these pollutants from our body and the air we breathe.

DicksonSince1950_350 The History of Street Sweeping began when a person would use a broom and shovel to clean off litter, animal waste, and filth that accumulated on streets. Later, water hoses were used to wash down the streets.

Then, machines were created in the 19th century to do the job more efficiently. Today, modern street sweeping equipment is mounted on truck bodies with a variety of technologies to deeply vacuum pollution from our streets.

Street Sweeping Technology has advanced beyond the goal of simple debris removal that did not change until the 1970's when policymakers began to reflect concern for water quality. In the United States, the lag time in which street sweepers responded can be pinpointed to the Runoff Report of 1998. As older street sweepers were only effective in removing large particles of road debris.

It was discovered that small particles of debris remained behind in large quantities contributing to environmental pollution. Today, small particles are known to carry a substantial portion of the stormwater pollutant load against our health.

Anything less than impeccable Street Cleaning by experts can compromise the health of a community by weakening our immune system from pollution. Street Sweeping is essential for good health, we can all be part of the solution!

Click here or on the image below to watch the video created by COLA with support from R.F. Dickson on YouTube (will open in a new browser window).


FrankLane160Frank Lane is an Inventor, Writer, Video Director, Author and Speaker, as well as a Journalist for Health, Technology and Environmental Stories. He is Executive Director of Clean Oceans Land Air Now. You can contact him via the website:; via email sent to; or, by calling 714-675-0110.

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