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Sweepers, The 'Miracle Pollution Reduction Machine'

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

In mid-2008, California's Air Resources Board (CARB) was in the midst of trying to remove older sweepers in that state -- and a number of others states were reportedly ready to follow CARB's eventual recommendations.

Mark Carter

As part of the sweeping industry's information and defense strategy, a number of leading industry authorities got involved with providing the California State agency with information designed to 'bring them up to speed' about the many environmental benefits of even older broom sweepers.

As part of the sweeping industry defense strategy, Mark Carter (shown at right), head of Orange County-based Bill's Sweeping, past president of the North American Power Sweeping Association (NAPSA) and currently a Senior Advisor to NAPSA, developed an example showing the powerful pollution reduction characteristics sweepers provide.

In addition to reading the following information by Mark Carter, you may want to follow our coverage of the CARB debate, and read the 'white paper' I developed that illustrates exactly why and how even older broom sweepers c The latter article is Carter's foundation for his following article, which likens the environmental benefits of even older sweepers to an ATM-type machine designed so as to dispense at least 500% more money than is inserted into it.

Although somewhat tongue-in-cheek, Carter's factual data appear to be solidly backed up by reality. Public works managers would be well advised to consider this information when considering the sweeping frequency they employ prior to attempting to remove stormwater runoff pollution via other means.

Carter's 'ATM story' is provided here in a pdf format. If you have questions or comments on his portrayal of the benefit of sweepers, please let us know.

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