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The site contains over 2,600 story and photo files. To make finding what you want or need a little easier, here are some tips to guide you. Note that all links on this page open into a new window so you can easily come back to here:

All the site topics discussed in the center of the home page also have links in the dark green, left-side column on the home page. Links to different sub-sets of sweeping are found under 'Specialized Sweeping Resources' at the top of the left column of the home page. If you want information about sweeping outside the U.S., for example, choose 'International Sweeping.'

For information about sweeping streets, you'd want to check out the module entitled 'Streets and Highways.'

However, much of the site's information relates to all types of power sweeping, no matter which part of the industry you're in. All such general interest articles are listed further down in the left side column on the home page under 'General Sweeping Topics.' Note these are alphabetized by topic name.

Also on the home page are links to a number of the sweeping companies and vendors who are in the industry. If you're a sweeping contractor, be sure to list your company in the 'Contractor Locator' section. Likewise, if you sell products to the sweeping industry, you'll want to get a free or enhanced listing in our 'Browse Sweeping Products' section. (Since these are two of the primary ways we pay for web hosting and updating of the site, please purchase an enhanced listing in your respective area if you possibly can.) Also be sure to fill out the Guestbook so you can get the latest updates and information from us.

On the bottom of all the pages throughout the sites is a link to the site map that shows everything on at At the bottom of most pages is also a link back to the Table of Contents of whatever topic area you're currently in.

Interested in old sweepers? If so, you'll want to look at the vintage sweeper slideshow area. These same pictures may be sent to others via email in our postcard section. Our Discussion Forum is designed to let you post equipment for sale/wanted, as well as hold interactive discussions with others in the industry.

We encourage you to take some time to travel around to the different areas of the site. Whether you're a veteran municipal sweeping program manager or a sweeping contractor new to the industry, you'll find a host of information that will help you do your job better. If there's more information you think should be added to this introduction page, please let us know. Also be sure to tell us if you have information we can add to the site.

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