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Assessing Alternate Fuels in Sweeping

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Alternate Fuels Information

Information About Alternate Fuels Options in Power Sweeping

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List of Alternative Fuel-Powered Sweeper Makes and Models

We have received a number of requests about what makes and models of U.S. power sweepers are able to operate on an alternative to gasoline or diesel. The following is what we found out after polling the different U.S. sweeper manufacturers in mid-2013.

The linked chart provides information that was up-to-date as of August 2013. If you have knowledge of any U.S. manufacturers and/or models we have omitted, please let us know. Note: Included are all models of sweepers that may be ridden. Indoor walk-behind sweeper models have not been included. Listings are alphabetical. Take a look.

Facilities Modification for Natural Gas Vehicles

Read about how contractors like and are using NiteHawk CNG parking area sweepers. (From our 'Choosing Equipment' section.) Read the story.

Facilities Modification for Natural Gas Vehicles

As sweeper fleet managers, vehicle dealers and distributors and other service providers ramp up to begin more widespread maintenance and repair of natural gas vehicles, their first priority must be to ensure the health and safety of employees and customers alike. Read the story.

Why CNG Station Performance Specifications Are Critical for Maintenance Technicians

The information contained in performance specifications will become the basis of an effective Operation and Maintenance (O&M) program for any compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station. Therefore it is essential that CNG fueling station maintenance technicians understand what performance levels are required of the equipment. These performance specifications should have been established when the station was designed. Read the story.

Debating the Potential for Natural Gas in Trucking

While the price of natural gas relative to diesel may be low – and drastically so – the cost to acquire and maintain trucks configured to operate on natural gas is high; creating a significant fiscal hurdle for fleets to surmount before their bottom lines can benefit from the cheaper gaseous fuel.

During the second annual Fleet Forum hosted at the 2013 Mid America Trucking Show (MATS), the Editor-in-Chief of Fleet Owner magazine, Jim Mele, hosted a panel entitled "The Blue Fleet." The discussion explored both the drawbacks and opportunities natural gas presents for trucking companies large and small.

Learn more.

CNG and LPG Fuel and Fueling Station Considerations

Fleets that are considering buying natural-gas vehicles or retrofitting diesel rigs have many factors to consider beyond the cost of vehicles, fuels and the benefits of lower-carbon footprints. There are some additional basic considerations that merit further discussion.

The article includes several comparisons of the use of CNG vs. LPG that provide important information derived from Ryder's pioneering usage of both in its fleets. Read the story.

The Advantages of Chassis Modification in the Sweeper Industry

In the street sweeper industry, there are two common modifications that are performed on trucks, dual steering and chassis modifications. Both of these modifications impact the sweeper operators and owners by reducing costs of operation and ownership in the life cycle of the vehicles within the fleet.

Additionally, modification companies can help fleets achieve their "green" initiatives by utilizing engines and platforms where alternative fuels can be used to power both the chassis engine and the sweeper body. Read the story (from our 'Choosing Equipment' section).

Green Power: Expert Advice on Alternative Fuels

Faced with the high cost of diesel and gasoline, plus new environmental regulations, more and more fleet owners are considering their options -- and alternative fuels top the list. The big question is: what makes sense for your fleet? Natural gas? How about propane? Or maybe hybrid trucks? And is there a "tipping point," when you know it's time to at least give alternative power a try?

This webinar, sponsored by Fleet Owner magazine and Ryder is now available on an 'on demand' basis. Sign up and listen to the information at a convenient time. Sign up and listen to the info.

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