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Street Sweeping Cost Per Curb Mile Worksheet

The following worksheet is an excellent aid for computing the cost per curb mile for sweeping streets. If you have any suggestions for additions or other changes, please let us know.

The Adobe Acrobat version of this file works best if you want to print the checklist pre-formatted.(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which may be freely downloaded from Adobe.

Also available is a similar checklist that assists in developing an accurate cost per hour for street sweeping.

Something you should clarify for this type of analysis is the definition of a 'curb mile.' Typically, this term includes operation down one side of the street. However, be sure you know what the required sweeping width is, as well, since that determines how many passes of a particular sweeper will be needed. Additionally, some agencies include intersections in curb mile analysis, while others do not want intersections swept. This may sound like a negligible difference, however it will make a significant cost change in the long term.

Analysis Worksheet For Figuring Current Costs Of Street Sweeping, Per Curb Mile And Total

For the following, use the total dollar amount which has been the result of sweeping operations over the last 12 month period:

  1. Payroll Hours:

    1a. Straight Time: _____ hours times $______ per hour = $_________ Year Total
    1aa. Straight Time: _____ hours times $______ per hour = $_________ Year Total
    1b. Premium Time: _____ hours times $______ per hour = $_________ Year Total
    1bb. Premium Time: _____ hours times $______ per hour = $_________ Year Total
    1c. Total Payroll Hours (total of all "hours" categories above) _____
    1d. Total Dollar Cost (add all "$ per year" categories) $ _____

    Shift Differential: Bonus amount paid to employees for shift and/or non Monday-Friday work:

    _____ hours times $______ per hour = $_________ Year Total

  2. Fringe Benefit Costs: Include items such as vacation pay, employer's contribution to Social Security Tax, Unemployment Insurance Tax, sick leave, city paid employee life and health insurance, holiday pay, city paid dues and memberships, retirement fund payments, bonus payments, etc.

    Cost Per Payroll Hour $______ Total Dollar Cost $______

  3. Workmen's Compensation claims paid (best to use average over last 5 years):

    $_________ Year Total

  4. Cost of uniforms, personnel equipment, cleaning, etc. (for uniforms and equipment, pro-rata over useable lifetime for items with lifetimes of less than or more than 1 year):

    $_________ Year Total

  5. Cost of training sweeper drivers, plus any other special supervision costs associated with sweeper operators:

    $_________ Year Total

  6. Cost of liability insurance and other insurance premiums applicable to the sweeping operations:

    $_________ Year Total

  7. Pro-rata or amortized costs, fuel, maintenance, repairs and parts for the sweeper unit and other related equipment:

    $_________ Year Total

  8. Administrative overhead applicable to the sweeping operations, including square footage of physical space:

    $_________ Year Total

  9. Additional cost required to meet your present sweeping schedule when employees were absent due to sickness, vacations or when the sweeping unit was inoperable:

    $_________ Year Total

  10. Current Total Cost Per Year (add totals) $_________

  11. Total Number of Curb Miles Covered: _________

  12. Total Cost Per Curb Mile Per Year

    $_________ (divide line 11 by line 12)

  13. Price Per Curb Mile Per Year For Contracted Sweeping:


  14. Yearly Savings (Loss) Per Curb Mile

    $_________ (line 13 minus line 14)

  15. Total Yearly Savings (Loss)

    $_________ (line 15 times line 12)

  16. Percent Savings (Loss) Due To Contracting

    $_________ (line 16 divided by line 11)

Adobe Acrobat file for printing out this form

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