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Power Sweeper Operational Tips

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Maximizing Your Sweeping Time by Eliminating Time Wasters

Article by WorldSweeper's Editor contains a number of tips about steps sweeping contractors can take to maximize their employees' actual work time. If you have other ideas to add, please use the link at the end of the article to tell us about them. Read and Learn.

Tracking for Success: Learning to be Better

If you want better performance and empowerment in your public works department, take steps to get buy-in from your employees through developing meaningful and accountable performance measures. Includes 12-minute audio .mp3 interview.Read/Listen the story.

A Snapshot of European Sweeping

Our editor provides a quick look at what he saw when he visited with sweeper operation's personnel throughout Europe. Includes a link to the award-winning 'rest of the story.' Read the story.

Fundamentals of Broom Filament Content

When you buy replacement brooms, be sure to know which type to specify, and how dense the 'bristle packing' is in the holes. Read the story.

Selling and Managing "Time" For Increased Productivity and Profits

Dan Brantley, of Texas-based Mister Sweeper, is experienced in time management techniques as they apply to sweeping. Here's a lengthy article packed with ideas to get your juices flowing about how you can increase the time management in your sweeping firm, municipal sweeping operation, or other service firm. Read the story.

New Dragshoe Materials and Designs are Creating Longer Life at Lower Cost

Sweeper drag shoes are no longer 'one size fits all sweeping applications. When it comes to these necessary wear parts, today's sweeping professionals have choices to make. They need to consider what type of drag shoe is best for a given sweeping application, including performance life and the aftermarket industry's competitive features and pricing. Read the story.

Sweeper Longevity – Do Your Sweepers Have It?

Are you and your personnel doing everything you can to keep your sweepers operating as long as possible? Read the story.

Leaf Season: Municipal Headache

If you sweep leaves, you'll want to read this article. Read the story.

Proper Sweeper Main Broom Down-Pressure is Vitally Important

The down-pressure of your main broom will greatly affect both broom life and its debris pickup ability. Read the story.

Special Report on Use of De-Icers

If you are in a snowbelt state, here's a primer on the use of de-icers. Read the story.

China's Great Wall: World's Biggest Sweeping Opportunity?

For a change of pace, here's a story that covers the sweeping operation on the Great Wall of China -- sort of. Our editor visits a section of the Great Wall that's located near Beijing. This story relates that visit, complete with some information on how the Great Wall is swept. Read the story.

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