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Deciding When Sweepings Are Dangerous

Draft of a 20+ page report prepared by the Washington State Department of Ecology entitled Best Management Practices (BMPs) For Management and Disposal of Street Wastes.
Read the story.

Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Management and Disposal of Street Wastes

Management and disposal techniques recommended by panel of northwest U.S. experts. (1995 study by thw Washington State Department of Ecology) Read the story.

Georgia City Finds Innovative Solution for Disposal of Sweeping Wastes.

Article from 2002 showcases the effectiveness of a city's composting/mulching program for street dirt. Read the story.

Sweeping and Disposal Industries in Japan

M. Shibata, general manager of Kyoei, has previously been employed as a general contractor and civil engineer. Here he is interviewed with regard to the current state of the sweeping and disposal industries in Japan. Read the story.

Managing Street Sweepings

Sweeping debris reuse options from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.
Read the story.

What Can We Expect for Future Landfill Fees and Space?

An expert in landfills tells us what we can expect in the coming years. Read the story.

Municipal Recycling In Action

Brief overview of the debris screening experience of Ramsey County, Minnesota. Read the story.

Sweeping Is Only Half The Bid

A street sweeping contractor makes the case for municipalities covering the cost of their debris disposal rather than having it included as part of the bid for sweeping services.
Read the story.

Trash Screening — Are Sweepings Toxic?

Trash screening can reduce the landfill load tremendously, but are the screened materials reaching toxic levels? Here's what a Minnesota county found out when they tested to see. This was submitted as a follow-up to the article shown below.
Read the story.

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